Tires, TJ’s & Kevin James

I slept in today.  It was heavenly!  I have a feeling going back to regular school/work hours is going to hurt.

I had a very important at noon.  What could be so important?  A couple of new tires!

new tire

My car was in desperate need of them.  I knew I couldn’t get through a Midwest winter without some new treads.  As much as I hate spending money on something like that.  No fun.

While I waited for my tires to be installed, I went to lunch nearby.  I must say, I really miss my former pedestrian-friendly town.  Even trying to cross a side street here is scary!  These drivers are just not used to seeing pedestrians.

Lunch consisted of an Asparagus Mushroom Swiss Bagel Thin Egg White Sandwich, followed by a Chai Tea Latte.

Einstein Bros breakfast bagel sandwich

Don’t worry, I quickly moved my beverages away from my tablet.  I know better than to have them anywhere near my electronics.  Because I am smart clumsy like that.

An hour later, me and my tires were ready to roll!  I made a quick stop by the post office and found a little something-something waiting for me.


What could be inside?

trader joe's food package

A Trader Joe’s prize pack I won from Eat PRAY Tri!

A closer look at my goodies…

trader joe's prize pack

Three of the items I have not tried before.  But I may have a slight addiction to Cookie Butter after my first trip there.  I may have shared that addiction with Cinnamon in our initial emails.


So given this information, can you guess what I dug into first?…






Trader Joe's Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels

Did you guess correctly?  Or did I throw you off with my addiction confession?  Sorry, it was a trick question.  While I do love and am currently addicted to the Cookie Butter, chocolate will forever and always be my one true love.  Amen.

These chocolates are good!  But now I am wondering how they would taste dipped in Cookie Butter.  Crap.  I may have a whole, new addiction…

I didn’t have time to eat too many of these.  I had other plans for the rest of the afternoon.  A plan with these three.

movie theater

My mom saw Here Comes the Boom a few weeks ago with Sassy.  She thought my cousin and my nephew would enjoy it.  So we hit up the cheap-seat theater today for a matinée.  And we may have brought our own beach towels to spread over the not-so-clean seats.  That’s not too weird, is it?

I really enjoyed the movie!  Predictable, yes.  But I liked both the laugh out loud humor and the emotional parts.

Here Comes the Boom movie


An added bonus?  Seeing Kevin James all buffed up.  He is looking good!  And I love a funny guy.  Always attractive!

What was your last have-to-buy-it-because-I’m-a-responsible-adult purchase?

What did you have for lunch today?

What was the last movie you saw?


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