Christmas Day Highlights

Christmas morning was nice and quiet for us.  Sassy actually let us all sleep in until a little after 7:30 AM.  Hallelujah!  She woke up her sister, my mom heard them up moving around and got up.  Then Sassy woke me up.  I stumbled around getting dressed, trying to pry my eyes open.  I demanded coffee first.  Good call.  By that time, my dad was up and the girls were chomping at the bit to open their gifts from me.

Here are a few of their favorite gifts, as well as my favorite pictures.

Sassy was a little excited about getting some retro headphones she asked for.

retro headphones

OMG Becky was a little confused about these neon mismatched, knee-high socks I got her.  I thought they were adorable. Guess she didn’t.  Looks like I have some new socks!  Darn.

neon knee socks

Sassy and her new mustache watch.  I told you she likes mustaches.  This watch also has LED flashing lights making it even more cool.  Or so I am told.

mustache watch

She also received some pink mustaches to add to her collection.

OMG Becky was glad to see another item from her most wanted list.  A Vera Bradley Lunch Date bag.

vera bradley lunch date

And then it was time to get ready for the next family gathering.  Someone showing off in her Christmas apron.

Christmas apron

Christmas Day at my parents house is sort of an open house with lunch for extended family.  Come when you can, stay as long as you want.

Aunts, uncles…

Brothers, nieces, nephews…

OMG Becky wore a new sweater she got for her birthday.

Sassy looking… sassy.

Later in the afternoon, several of us heading to the nursing home to see Grandma L.  Turned into a little party with more family!  Twenty of us in all enjoying some holiday fun together.

How did you spend your Christmas Day?


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