Happy Birthday OMG Becky!

It’s official.  I am now the mother of a child old enough to legally drive.  Midwest neighbors beware!

One tradition we have always had, is my daughters get to pick where we eat on their birthday.  Anywhere they want!  They have picked everything from Red Robin to a casino buffet.  Whatever they want, on their birthday their wish is my command.  And today OMG Becky picked Olive Garden for lunch.  Guy’s parents were meeting us there to pick him up.  He and Sassy passed the time by playing on the iPad he received for his birthday.  Lucky little man, right?!  We brought it in with us because leaving it in the car seemed like a bad idea.  Can you guess what the game was?…

Football!  Duh.  Told you, he is all sports all the time.

She got to open one gift at lunch.

Vera Bradley lanyard

It was one of the most wanted items on her list.  A Vera Bradley lanyard in Island Blooms!

At the end of lunch, the waitress asked us if she could bring us anything else.  OMG Becky whispered to me, “More mints!” The waitress overheard and said she would be happy to bring her more.  She came back with almost an entire cup full!

andes mints

OMG Becky was ecstatic!  And lucky for the rest of us, she shared!

Later in the afternoon, there was a discussion as to why we were sitting in the dark at the table.  My mom said it was because we were enjoying the Christmas tree ambiance.  And she pointed out to Sassy, if we saved money on electric now, we would have more funds for the summer electric bill = swimming pool.  Sassy agreed that would be better money spent.  My dad on the other hand thought we could shop less for Christmas gifts so he could have light when and where he wanted it.  OMG Becky told him she would just buy him a headlamp.  He then came out with this on…


Some sort of safety glasses with a lamp on each side!  Not sure where he got them or what he does with them, but so funny!  My girls were tickled.

Tonight we went to my aunt and uncle’s house for a little birthday party with them, my parents and my youngest brother and his family.  I brought the cake I had made.  It was soooo good!

chocolate cavity maker cake

OMG Becky got to open the rest of her gifts.  Her final gift from me was another most wanted item!

Vera Bradley zip id case

A Vera Bradley Zip ID Case in Island Blooms.

Then it was time to put our local fire department on standby and sing Happy Birthday!

blow out birthday candles

I was scared her hair was going to go up in flames so I made her hold it back.  Safety first!

On the way home, we drove through another lights display.  This one is in a neighborhood  shorter and tells the story of the life of Jesus from birth to Resurrection.

Christmas story lights

Christmas story lights

I need to get to bed soon.  I have to work a couple of hours tomorrow and then I am off for a week!  It was a good day and I think OMG Becky enjoyed it, too.  She just came to my room wearing her lanyard and ID case.  She had one question for me…

Vera Bradley

“Do I look like I am ready to drive?”

No, no and NO.

Do you have a teen driver?  Please tell me how to survive this exciting scary chapter!

Where would you pick to eat on your birthday?

Do you have to work on Christmas Eve?


4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday OMG Becky!

  1. Jade

    Aww, that looks like a really sweet day. My dad would totally do the headlamp thing too!! Funny. Happy Birthday to the new driver, yikes 🙂

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