Crowds, Courtside & Cake

OMG Becky and I were to meet my parents and Sassy to watch my nephew play a basketball game today.  About 20 minutes before we were to leave home, Sassy called to tell us my dad thought we should leave early due to traffic around the game location.  The team was playing at a large arena today.  This arena just happens to be across the interstate from the mall and between two other highways.

OMG Becky and I turned our pace up but still had another 10 minutes or so of prep time.  These This girls need time to prep.  The end.

Traffic was fine until we were just one single mile from our destination.  And then our easy breezy drive turned into major gridlock.

holiday gridlock

It took us almost 20 minutes to go less than 0.4 miles.  People were acting nuts, driving down the shoulder, blocking the intersection.  It was insane.  So much for Christmas cheer.

Turns out there was so much traffic on the highway to get into the mall, the police had blocked of on ramps to that highway.  So all that holiday shopping traffic was filling up this stretch of highway.  Madness. I was never so happy to make my right turn and get out of that mess.

We arrived, parked, bought tickets and were in our seats at the arena with five minutes to spare.  Perfect timing.

basketball warm up

And then it was game time!

pregame huddle

Go Big Red!

pregame huddle

It was a great game!  We lead by a the first three-quarters and then lost a ten-point lead in the fourth.

high school basketball

Of course, I was on the end of my seat.  These games can be so intense!  OMG Becky was even getting into it and she is usually pretty restrained in public.

high school basketball

We finally got our heads back in the game and went on to win it.  My nephew lead the team in points.  That made the victory even sweeter!  Not that we were keeping score…

After the game we ventured down to the concourse level to find my nephew and brother.  And we may have wondered onto one end of the court.  My then my dad and I may have started dancing along to the band playing next to us.  And OMG Becky may have been a little embarrassed by our actions.

embarrassed teen

And then we may have been escorted off the court by an arena employee due to our lack of official courtside bracelets.  Oops.  Just the cherry on top needed to complete OMG Becky’s sundae of embarrassment.  🙂

Tonight was spent wrapping a few more gifts while Sassy entertained my nephew, Guy.  He’s spending the night and she is determined to wear him out before bed.  We will see if she succeeds!

I am now waiting for OMG Becky’s birthday cake to cool so I can get ready for bed myself.  Recipe to come!

bundt cake

Tomorrow will be full of birthday fun.  I can’t believe my oldest is going to be fifteen in a few hours.  I may need a drink.

How did you spend your Saturday?

What occasion did you bake your last cake for?


3 thoughts on “Crowds, Courtside & Cake

  1. Runner Girl Eats

    Omg that traffic looks awful! The last cake I made was a double chocolate coffee bunt cake with ganache for thanksgiving, so good. Happy birthday Omg Becky!

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