Lazy Snow Day

Yesterday we woke up to find out school had been canceled. When I looked outside, it was not a surprise why. We had snow blowing sideways, ice-covered roads, many homes without power, 40 MPH winds, and a wind chill of 10 degrees. Awesome.  One of our local meteorologists coined the term snOwMG for the day.  So true!

OMG Becky was the first one up. She had already done her hair and make-up when we got the school cancellation. She was less than thrilled about the energy wasted.  But back to bed she went! Sassy got to sleep in undisturbed. Lucky. I, on the other hand, had gotten up at my usual 6:00 AM and couldn’t go back to sleep. So up for the day I was.

Coffee helped make it better.  But doesn’t it always?

Christmas coffee

The snow kept coming down for a few more hours. Soon the pool started to look more like a pond we could ice skate on.

pool covered in snow

Makes me long for the summer sun!

Sassy jumped at the chance to earn some holiday cash to spend on herself by shoveling the driveway.

shovel driveway

She was so funny when she first went outside. She exclaimed, “Oh my gosh! Where’s the driveway?!” Good question.

The rest of the day was spent under blankets, watching movies, and drinking hot tea/chocolate. Perfect way to spend a snow day.

This morning, the girls headed back to school for one more day before their winter break. Sassy was feeling festive and dressed accordingly. I wanted a picture and after several pictures like this…

silly girl, cross eyes

…I finally got a keeper.  Such a jolly girl!

jolly santa girl

I am currently waiting the arrival of the Christmas cards I ordered last week.  They were due to be here yesterday, but were delayed due to the storm. Um, not sure they will even get postmarked before the holiday, let alone arrive to my family and friends. Guess that’s what I get for procrastinating ordering them in the first place. My fault for taking so long to decide on what photo to use. Bah humbug.


25 Days of Blogging Christmas Challenge

21.  Do you travel on the holidays?

Our entire family lives here in the same area.  Makes it nice to not have to deal with busy airports or winter roads.  And I am beyond excited to be home for the holidays for the first time in three years!  Merry, merry!


Run Lil’ Mama Run is giving away a Scott James R-U-N necklace and a Twete Bird headband!


What do you do on snow days?


8 thoughts on “Lazy Snow Day

  1. Rebecca @ cakeinacrockpot

    We don’t get snow days here 😦 Booo! I think sometimes I live in the wrong area. I love snow. If we ever had a snow day (which here in San Diego would happen if we got one inch of snow because no one would know how to drive in it) I would spend the day outside in the snow, playing. And taking breaks for cooking & drinking coffee & hot cocoa 🙂


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