Christmas Catch Up

I have some catching you to do on the 25 Days of Blogging Christmas Challenge.  Not sure why I am so far behind on this challenge.  Other than I spent the weekend finishing up my holiday shopping.  Done!  Feels great to have it finished up with more than a week to spare.

Except one gift that I had delivered (free!) to the store.  Have to swing buy and pick it up.  Need to wrap that and three other gifts and then I will be officially done.

Oh, and Christmas cards.  I just ordered them a few days ago, but they are due to be delivered tomorrow.  If the snow storm coming through tonight doesn’t delay delivery.  Then I will need to get them addressed and in the mail.  They WILL be postmarked before Christmas!

And then I will be officially all done with Christmas prep.  Whew!  Guess I should be grateful I have a few more days until the actual holiday.

And now back to the blogging Christmas challenge!…

14. Real or artificial tree?

I am kind of torn on this one.  I love the convenience of the fake tree.  The lights are attached.  It’s ready to go when I have time to put it up.  I don’t have to water it.  There is no disposal required after the holiday.  I always have a fake tree at my house.  But I love the smell and feel of a real tree.  My parents get a real one every year.  It’s kind of nice to be able to enjoy the best of both trees.

15.  The best gift you’ve given.

Think this one would have to be the same answer as Day 7.

new kitten for Christmas

Sassy’s cat continues to give her and the rest of the family love and affection every day.  He really is the gift that keeps on giving!

16.  Hardest Person to buy for?

At this moment, it is OMG Becky.  She loves clothes but doesn’t seem to like anything I pick out for her lately.  Which is odd because she always wants to borrow me clothes…

17.  Post a picture of an old Christmas card.

This is our card from 2009.  Names have been changed to protect the not so innocent.

photo Christmas card

My girls look so young!

18.  When do you open gifts?

We open gifts with my parents, brothers and their families on Christmas Eve at my parents’ house.  My girls and I open our gifts to each other on Christmas morning at home.  Then with extended family at my parents’ house that afternoon.

19.  Favorite stocking stuffer

The chocolate, duh.  Or more specifically, Snickers Nutcrackers.

Snickers Nutcracker

These are my absolute favorite candies!  Feel free to mail me any you find in your stocking.  😉

Okay, your turn to share your answers to the questions above!


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