Lights & Action

Sunday night, my girls, my parents and I headed out to continue what was an annual tradition when we lived here.  We went to a local park that hosts a drive through, animated light display with over three hundred thousand lights and almost 200 displays.  This display has been apart of my life for over 20 years!  It’s beautiful and changes a bit every year.

We arrived about 10 minutes before it opened and then had to wait another 30 minutes before our section of the car line made it to the entrance   There are single displays along the road the car line comes in on.  It’s enticing and makes you want to see more!

animated Christmas light display

Soon you enter through a massive mistletoe wreath and then the show really begins.  Including these fine gentleman snowman topping their hats to you.

animated snowman light display

And Santa!  I know him!!

animated Santa light display

I think my favorite was this new-to-me guy, a sea serpent.  So cute with his little Santa hat!

animated sea serpent light display

Sledders climbing up the hills and then sledding down.

animated Christmas light display

Christmas carolers.

animated Christmas carolers light display

A choo choo train loaded with toys!

animated train light display

Skiers that jump over your car!

animated Christmas light display

The gingerbread house and family were Sassy’s favorite.

animated gingerbread light display

Huge snowflakes dancing along.

animated snowflake light display

I really hope that is the only snow I see this season!

By the time we headed out, the car line was over two miles long with family cars, buses, limos and trucks with trailers.  Holiday madness, I tell you!

Actually it was a great time!  We always listen to Christmas music the entire time.  Sassy brought hot chocolate that she declared was the very best hot chocolate she had ever had.  Of course, she didn’t share any of it either.  She had better be careful or she might end up on the naughty list!

Tell me about a lighted Christmas display in your area!


2 thoughts on “Lights & Action

  1. Runner Girl Eats

    I used to love going through drive through light displays! Not sharing hot chocolate?! Def naughty list behavior!


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