So Much Happy

Guess who has approval from her doctor to start running again?…

Spartan Cheerleaders

It’s me!  It’s me!

Yes siree bob!  I get to give it a go.  I will try it this morning and hope for the best!  I am also trying out a new gym this weekend.  Yoga here I come!  I am going to make myself try a new class at least once a month.  I have a fear of new fitness classes even though I really enjoy them once I start.

I also need to get better at tracking on DailyMile.  Maybe that will be my New Year’s resolution.  Like I need to add another thing to my list.  But maybe the more I add to the list, the more likely I am to actually follow through with at least one thing this year…

Do you use DailyMile?  I just recently noticed a pretty cool feature on there.  You can track the distance on your gear!

dm gear

You just list the gear/shoe/etc, name it whatever you want, then when you do a workout, you click on details and pick the gear used.  It then keeps track of the distance on that gear.  You can then retire the gear from rotation when you no longer use it.  How cool is that?!

I am blowing my own mind today!!

~ * ~ * ~* ~ *~ * ~ * ~

Last night my girls and I went to Culver’s for dinner before church.  I always get a kid’s meal (grilled cheese with deluxe toppings) that comes with a single topping frozen custard.  This was my custard they created last night.


Equal parts Oreo and custard!  It’s like they totally get me!

~ * ~ * ~* ~ *~ * ~ * ~

Suggested gifts for the coffee addict me in your life.

keep calm mug

As seen at Dillard’s.  So cute!

travel coffee cup

I can’t remember if this cup was at Dillard’s or Kohl’s.  OMG Becky pointed it out to me.  She even modeled it because she knew I would want to share it with you.  She knows me so well!

~ * ~ * ~* ~ *~ * ~ * ~

25 Days of Blogging Christmas Challenge

13. Favorite Christmas Book

The Night Before Christmas!  Is there any other?  😉

Reading this book with my daughters is part of our annual Christmas Eve tradition.

~ * ~ * ~* ~ *~ * ~ * ~

One of my favorite bloggers, Jacqueline at Skinny Chic Blog, is giving away a pair of Free-Flex inserts.  Check it out!

~ * ~ * ~* ~ *~ * ~ * ~

How do you track the distance on your gear?

What is your favorite Christmas Book?



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