Music Moves Me

Here’s the latest round of music I am digging at the moment.  If you follow me on Twitter, you have probably already seen me tag these with my Shazam app.  I am a tagging fool!

For the last few weeks, I have to listen to this song in its entirety when it comes on.  Just ask OMG Becky who had the nerve to get out of the car when it was on at the store the other day.  She then had to wait outside the car alone until it was over.  Someday she will learn.

I know, I know, this song is getting to be pretty overplayed, but I still love it.  I always envision a male troupe clogging to this song.  And what a surprising video.  Wow.  I was not at all expecting that.

Same thing with this song, but mercy, I can’t stop looking at him.  So cute!  I’m not usually a fan of beards, but he makes it look good!

Alt J made the list again this month with another great song.  They are quickly becoming a favorite of mine!  They are playing here soon, but I have plans I can’t change that night.  Grrr.

Another repeat music mover this month, The Lumineers.

Try not to be creeped out by the kids in this video.

I bet you can’t stand still while this song is on.

What song is moving you currently?


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