My Christmas List

OMG Becky has been bugging me for my Christmas list.  My what?  I don’t have a Christmas list.  I seriously couldn’t think of anything I really wanted or needed.  Other than a new laptop, but I’m pretty sure that is out of her budget.  So for the last few days I have been racking my brain for something she could afford on her non-existent (because she’s saving for a car) budget.  I finally thought of a few things yesterday while I was on a walk, dreaming of running again.

Yurbuds Inspire Female In-Ear Headphones.  $29.99 at Target.



I have heard so many great reviews on these!  Love this aqua (but wouldn’t cry if I received them in pink, green or purple).  Target carries all those colors, but Yurbuds are available at other stores, too.

C9 by Champion® Women’s Cold Weather Running Tight. $27.99 at Target.

running tights


I have a black pair of these already.  Love them!  No color preference. (See, I can be easy to get along with occasionally!)

C9 by Champion® Women’s Running Knee Tight.  $24.99 at Target.

running capri, running knee tight


I have a black pair of these.  Love them, too!  I would prefer the blue or coral this time, but would settle for black.

C9 by Champion® Solid Knit Hat. $11.99 at Target.

knit hat


I want the blue.  It also comes in several other colors.  The black would be okay, too.  I don’t really like hats much.  But I know I need to be prepared for the horrible, winter weather that is about to occur here.

C9 by Champion® Basic Hat with Pop Color.  $11.99 at Target.

basic hat with ponytail hole


This hat features a ponytail hole that might come in handy.  Since I, you know, have hair.  Plus it’s a lighter option than the lined, knit hat above.  It’s nice to have options, people!

SmartWool Light Mini Socks. $14.95-$16.95 at various stores.

smartwool socks


I have two pairs of these socks.  I originally bought them for hiking, but also wear them for running when I wear my tights.  The tights have a zipper at the bottom, back of the leg.  It tends to rub my ankle raw.  So I now wear these socks with my tights to prevent that.  Works like a charm!  I don’t care about color of these.  Just the length (mini).  I have never paid full price for them.  Both pairs were bought on clearance for under $10.00 each at an outdoor store (one brick & mortar, one online).

Goodness!  Anyone else noticing a trend here?  Seems to be the year of bright blue and Target for me.  Both completely unintentional, but it is what it is.  Should make it easy for OMG Becky to find, right?!

Any must-have items for runners I should consider including?

What is on your Christmas list?


10 thoughts on “My Christmas List

    1. Whine Less Post author

      Hi Jacqueline! The Yurbuds are definitely at the top of my wants. We will see!
      I don’t have any real gloves. Just cheap, stretchy gloves that are okay. I could use a better pair for sure!

  1. Renee

    I got the hat…and I loved the weight of it. But I tried it out for the first time the other day and my ears still got cold, because it didn’t come down far enough. Maybe it’s just my head?

  2. Deana

    I have been wanting a pair of YurBuds as well! no earphones have stayed in my ears ever and when you add sweat into the equation, they just fall right out

    I certainly need some cold weather gear and while I have some good luck with the C9 clothing at Target – give Old Navy’s stuff a try – I really like their compression capris!

    1. Whine Less Post author

      I will check out Old Navy! Thanks!
      I also noticed Forever 21 had a lot of cute workout gear on Saturday. Not really sure how functional it is. We didn’t have time for me to try anything on, but I plan a return trip this week to explore it more.

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