O Christmas Tree

Sunday after church, eleven of my family members headed to a Christmas tree farm to get our trees.  We totally lucked out with a beautiful  sunny day with temps in the high sixties.  In December.  In the Midwest!  I just can’t believe the weather we are having lately.  So unreal.  But I digress.  As usual.

First stop?  To see the big man, of course!

santa visit

I had no idea he was going to be there!  Do you think he lives there?  I felt very unprepared.  I didn’t even have my list on me and had to wing it!  😉

Next was the real reason we were there.  The hunt for the perfect Christmas tree!  The older kids and adults seemed to be in a hurry to get going.

Christmas tree farm

The little ones?  Taking their time and bringing up the rear.  Guy wasn’t too happy at this point.  They made him leave his cup of hot chocolate at the barn.  No cups in the fields.

Christmas tree farm

Please note Sassy’s shirt and jacket and Telly’s new Partridge Family-inspired shirt (she had no idea what I meant when I called it that!).  They convinced Grandpa to take them for an evening out on the town the night before.  Their idea of fun?  Shopping at the mall.  During the holiday season.  On a weekend.  Yikes.  He is a brave, brave man!  They were in there for hours trying on everything they could get their little hands on.  Including six-inch heels, I am told.  Grandpa was surprised how well they could walk in them.  I have no idea where they learned that.  Wait.  I take that back.  Sassy tries mine on whenever she gets a chance.  And surprisingly, she is only one size smaller in shoes now.  Crazy.  I apologize for the digression.  Again.  Both girls came home with all sorts of goodies for themselves.  Merry Christmas to them!  Grandpa has them both convinced they now have to wash and wrap up whatever they wore already.  Any bets on if that actually happens?

Back to the trees. Someone said she liked this lumpy, bumpy tree.  But she was quickly outvoted.

Christmas tree farm

I think she was just messing with us anyway!

OMG Becky wanted this one, but someone (see jokester above!) didn’t think it was “The One” for us.  OMG Becky mourned a little.

Christmas tree farm

It was a little on the short side, I suppose.  But oh so pretty.

Then we found them.  The trees for us!

Christmas tree farm

Notice my niece, Myo’s, sandals in December.  Nuts!  Digress.  Again.  Sorry.  I just can’t help myself sometimes.

And this lovely sapling for my parents’ house.

Christmas tree farm

It was time for the work to begin.  Sassy was excited to try her hand at sawing.  A first for her!  I think.  I hope!…

cut down Christmas tree

After cutting down the trees, Guy wanted to ride in the tractor hayride back.  OMG Becky taught him how to hitchhike.  Cousins are good for things like that.


The ride wasn’t far.  Maybe 20 yards at the most.  So close that when the tractor stopped to pick them up, most people already on the wagon, got off and walked the rest of the way.


OMG Becky made a few friends on the way out.

straw horse

Back at home, it started to look like a merry elf had thrown up stopped by.

Christmas decorations

After a few attempts the tree is standing!  Mostly upright.  And is now covered in ornaments and lights.

Christmas tree

When do you put up your Christmas tree?

Which do you prefer?…  live or artificial tree?  


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