Last week one of my best friend’s called with a brilliant idea.  Let’s book a hotel room with a pool for a night.  Have dinner out, let the kids swim and us gals could visit.  Told you, brilliant.

We got rooms at Aloft Hotel.  It’s a hip, Starwood hotel, according to their website.  It was definitely the most modern hotel I have ever stayed at.


aloft hotel lobby

aloft hotel outdoor patio

Our room was simple, but very sleek.

aloft hotel room

aloft hotel room

aloft hotel room bath

aloft hotel room shower

Our room overlooked an ice skating rink surrounded by fire pits.  Pretty cool!

ice skating rink

Too bad it has been in the sixties the past few days.  The ice was melting fast!

The kids had a blast swimming.  BFF and I made ourselves comfortable in the white egg/couch/thing.  It was like a sauna in there!  My hair was not happy.

aloft hotel pool

aloft hotel pool

We quickly realized it was an infinity pool.  Every splash in the pool sent water rushing our way.

aloft hotel infinity pool

I probably should have worn flip flops instead of boots.  Duh.  I did bring a swimsuit and cover-up.  I have no idea what I thought I was going to wear on my feet to the pool.

Sassy forgot her pool shoes, too.  No doubt about it, she is my child!

aloft hotel elevator

The kids loved the elevator floor!  It was some sort of colored gel material that moved and changed colors as you stepped on it.  Fun!

After hanging at the pool for a couple of hours, dinner and more time visiting in BFF’s room across the hall, it was time for bed.  Her daughter wanted to room with us.  Fine by me!  The girls had fun watching people ice skate below.

And then bed.  And that’ s when the silliness began.

slumber party

Giggles galore!  Finally at midnight, it was lights out.  I think they were both asleep within five minutes.

We slept in until 9:00 AM and then walked to Panera for breakfast.  We looked like mama duck and her babies all in a row.

baby duck line

I mentioned this to BFF, who responded by quacking and flapping her arms like wings.  The kids all thought she was nuts. She is a little bit.  She has to be.  After all, she is my friend.

After breakfast, we hit the pool for a bit more fun before checking out.  This time, BFF and I got smart.  We stayed in the gym overlooking the pool.   We had to instruct the kids to keep the windows defogged for us.  Sauna city.

aloft hotel pool gym

I had gotten ready for the day before breakfast so I didn’t really want to get my sweat on.  But I did get a nice, slow walk in on the dreadmill.


It was a great, relaxing start to our weekend.  Sassy and I can’t wait to do it again.  Next time, we might even be able to talk OMG Becky into going with us.  She didn’t want to go hang out with “little kids.”  Blah.  Whatever.  She missed out.

How did you start off your weekend?

What is the hippest hotel you have ever stayed at?

Do you ever stay at a local hotel just for fun?


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