Gimme the Ball!

Did you know it is basketball season?  Don’t feel bad.  I had no idea either.

Did you know basketball is really fun to watch?  Again, I had no idea.  I remember going to games when I was in school, but I don’t remember really watching the games.  It was more of a social event, than a sporting event.

A few years ago, Sassy played basketball for one short season.  She was eight at the time.  The game was a bunch of back and forth, up and down the court.

It was fun to watch because she was playing, but not overall entertaining.  Does that make sense?

Being cute didn’t hurt either.

This week I got to enjoy a basketball game of another kind.  Actually, make that two basketball games of two different kinds.  Player!

Monday night, my parents, my girls and I all went to my nephew’s high school varsity game.  He’s a senior this year.  It was so exciting to watch!  Intense the entire time!

It was so fun, we went again tonight.

high school basketball

OMG Becky didn’t enjoy the game as much as the rest of us did.  She had an obnoxious fan sit right in front of her and proceed to hold a sign up for most of the game.

Nice view, right?

But do you know what is ever more fun to watch than a high school game?…

A bitty basketball game!

Wednesday night ten of my family members (mom, dad, me, my two daughters, brother, sister-in-law, niece, her boyfriend and another niece’s boyfriend.  Did you get all that?)  went to see my four-year old nephew’s last basketball game of the season.  I think their season is a short as they are.  Seriously, it’s like maybe three or four games total.  But that’s probably a good thing.  I couldn’t stand all this cuteness all the time.  Too sweet!

bitty basketball

How cute is Guy?

bitty basketball

He is a player!  Loves the ball.  And he can shoot!  Of course, the goal is maybe 6 feet tall.  But I suppose when you are only 3 feet tall, that’s a pretty high goal.  I was actually surprised at how often he made a basket!

And he can move!

bitty basketball

And he may be a bit of a ham…

And a bit of a ball hog.  My dad kept telling him to take the ball.  So he would.  Literally.  He would take it right out of someone’s hands, hold it like a football and take off towards his basket.  We may need to work on that.

If you want to have a fun time, go to a basketball game.  And if you want to include laughing in the best possible way, go to a bitty basketball game.  Preferably, a game of a child you know in some way.  Don’t be a creeper.

Have you been to a basketball game this season?


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