Old-Fashioned Wrapping Party & a Prize

After a long weekend of shopping, you can probably imagine the next step.  The wrapping!  My girls and I have always called it an old-fashioned wrapping party, or OFWP for short,  just to make it sound more festive.  And we do play music, so it is not at all kind of like a party.  This OFWP was just me and my mom.

Christmas wrapping paper

We also had a few birthday packages to wrap.  Sassy’s birthday is the same week as Christmas!

Christmas wrapping paper

We had to hole up in my parents’ room because my girls were home.  It was a mess of wrapping paper, tape, scissors, tags, pens and gifts.  Apparently this OFWP was exhausting for some of us.  And she spent some time on her tablet.

She said she was updating her Christmas list, but I think she was reading my blogs.

I had to resort to using other appendages to help hold paper in place.

wrapping presents

Please tell me I am not the only one to do this.

After the wrapping wrapped up.  <—  So punny up in here!…  I went online to check the two little, Christmas buttons my mom received with her purchase at JCP yesterday.  Have you seen these?  Cute little things!  On the back of each button is a code that you can check online to see if you have won anything.  I checked and one of her buttons were a winner!

jc penney christmas button

Sweet!  Sometimes shopping does pay.

When do you start your holiday wrapping?  I try to wrap as soon as I purchase.

Any other JCP button winners?  What did you win?


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