Black Friday …& Thursday & Saturday

Our Black Friday shopping started Thanksgiving night after watching the Christmas lightening ceremony.  My mom, sister-in-law and I had plans to check out some deals at Kmart since it was close by and just opening at 8:00 PM.  My dad was going to wait in the van with my niece while she watched a  movie.  Well, so much for plans.  Tired girl didn’t want to let her mom out of the car alone.  Cue the crocodile tears.  So in the store with us she went.  We waited until the line outside had all entered before going inside.  I offered to take her since I wasn’t planning on hitting the toy section anyway.  My niece was okay with that.  Yeah for small victories.  I didn’t find anything I needed, but the crowds were well-behaved and everyone seemed to be in a good mood.  Round 1 was easy.

Then we went home to rest up for the king of all shopping marathons.  THE Black Friday.  My mom wanted to head out at 5:00 AM yesterday.  Mind you, it was already 11:00 PM Thursday when this was announced.  She must have noticed the look of anguish on my face because she reconsidered and said we would get UP at 5:00 AM instead.  Oh my.  Somebody hold me.

This is probably where I should tell you, I am not really much of a shopper.  It’s just not my thing.  Most of the time I can’t find what I want when I’m looking for something.  Or I find something I really want when it’s just not in the budget.  Stupid budget.  Now you are wondering, why do I go?  I go because my mom likes to go.  And shopping alone, in the dark on Black Friday is just not the best idea.  So I go with her, carry the bags, buy coffee multiple times, hold her place in line if needed and get a meal or two out of it.  Not a bad deal, I suppose.  Plus, I get to know what everyone else is getting and sell off hints to them.  Just kidding Mom!  Maybe.

Friday morning came way, way too early.  We were out of the house by 5:45 AM.  Mercy.  Round 2 had begun.

Ready?  Set.  Go!

  • Kohl’s
  • Wal-Mart

This little dog scared me half to death when it started barking and panting at me when I walked by!

toy dog barks

And better yet, when I took its picture, the camera flash set off several more of the little yippers.  Fantastic.

And then a quick stop at Panera Bread for breakfast.  Pumpkin Pie bagel!  Yes, please.

panera, pumpkin pie bagel

And notice once again, I forgot to take a photo of my food before eating some of it.  Curse of a hungry blogger.

Then we were recharged and off for Round 3!

  • Game Stop
  • Target
  • Starbucks

My mom was so happy to finally see a line.  Yes, she is odd like that.  It was the first line we had to wait in all day.  Weird for a Black Friday, but I wasn’t complaining.


  • Costco
  • World Market

I told you I would be back there for the samples!  I only tried the Red Velvet coffee since I still had my Peppermint White Chocolate Mocha from Starbucks.  The red velvet was pretty tasty!

world market, coffee sample

  • Justice

And then we headed into the time suck mall.  It really wasn’t too bad.  It was still fairly early in the day, maybe 10:30 AM.  We were able to park close and happy to see it wasn’t wall to wall people inside.  Even Santa was able to enjoy some downtime.

mall santa

  • Delia’s
  • Hollister
  • New York & Company
  • Bath & Body Works
  • Dillard’s
  • The Buckle
  • American Eagle
  • Aeries
  • Francesca’s
  • Vanity
  • Body Central
  • Macy’s

LUNCH!  OMG feed me!  We paused for lunch at Applebee’s.  It was more of a snack.  My mom and I split their Spicy Chili Cheese Nachos minus the chili.  Good stuff!  And we called in reinforcements.  Two of my nieces met up with us for a couple more hours of shopping in Round 4.

  • Vanity (again!)
  • American Eagle (Again!)
  • Francesca’s (AGAIN!)
  • Macy’s (AGAIN!)
  • Dairy Queen for an Orange Julius!  We needed the sugar.
  • Wet Seal
  • Charlotte Russe
  • Sears

The girls were good little, bag-carrying troopers.  But they did take advantage of this bed display for a little rest while waiting in line.  Too convenient not to, right?

Their identical head tilts crack me up.

And then we were free from the mall!  Never mind the fact that we had spent 5.5 hours in there.  Yikes.  One more stop at Radio Shack on the way home and then we were able to call our full 12 hours of shopping day done.  Once home, I immediately took a shower and put on some comfy PJs.  Then I realized it was not even 7:00 PM.  Loser Lovely.  I managed to stay up until almost 11:00 PM, then it was lights out for me because someone had plans on shopping again today!

Luckily, I was allowed to sleep in until 8:30 this morning.  Crazy late.  I insisted on starting at Starbucks today.  It was just what I needed for Round 5.

  • Barnes & Noble
  • AT&T
  • Justice
  • Kohl’s
  • JC Penney

Late lunch at Red Robin!  I so love their Bleu Ribbon burger, no burger, sub Boca patty.  Can you guess what I will be having for a late dinner tonight?  That thing is just as good cold!  I only eat half at the restaurant and always have the other half to bring home for a second meal.  Quick stop there to drop it off and then a couple more stores in Round 6.

  • Ulta
  • Big Lots
  • Radio Shack

And that my friends, brings an end to a very long Black Friday (& Thursday & Saturday).  It’s amazing I have enough energy to type this…

Did you brave the Black Friday crowds?

What was your big score?


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