Turkey Eve

Yesterday was a day spent with someone of my favorite gals!  My girls, mom, sister-in-law and niece all headed to one of the most festive malls for a day of Christmas shopping.  We have made the trek to this same shopping center every year since OMG Becky was three.  We usually stop to see Santa, too, but didn’t this time because my brother wasn’t there.  Guess we will be forced to visit it again in the next few weeks.  Darn.

This center has the largest wreath I have ever seen in person!  And you can see a peak of the Mayor’s Christmas Tree across the street behind it.  And because the weather has been so mild this fall, the fountains are still on outside.  Odd combo to see.

largest holiday wreath, mayor's Christmas tree

We spent some time exploring this hall full of Hallmark’s Jingle & Belle trees.

jingle belle trees

hallmark jingle & belle

jingle belle trees

Someone really liked them!

jingle belle trees

jingle belle trees

And a fairy house!

christmas with holly hallmark movie, fairy house

How cool is this thing?!

christmas with holly hallmark movie, fairy house

It’s from the new Hallmark movie, “Christmas with Holly” premiering December 9th.

christmas with holly hallmark movie

Is it me or does that actor not look a whole lot like Ben, the last bachelor?

christmas with holly hallmark movie

After lunch, we dropped my girls off to spend the holiday with their dad.  And the rest of us hit the Crayola store?  Have you ever been to a Crayola store?  Fun!!  I got to hang out with Hoppy while her mom and grandma shopped for her Christmas gifts.

crayola store

Don’t let that sweet face fool you.  Girl is a hoarder.   A hoarder of all things purple.  Notice her crayon pile.  If it is purple she has to have it and is very reluctant to share.  She did finally offer me a purple crayon, but then immediately regretted it and tried to trade me another color for it.

And rabbits.  She LOVES rabbits.  She is on a mission to get a pet rabbit.  She is currently trying to talk her parents and other family members into either A) taking her dog so she can have a rabbit at her house or B) keeping a rabbit for her at their house.

Our day ended on the best note with a stop at the frozen custard shop!

frozen custard cone

I was the first to order so by the time we sat down mine was soupy and not so pretty.  But it still was pretty tasty!  I had a vanilla custard with pieces of peppermint candy and chocolate flakes.  Yum!

How did you celebrate Turkey Eve?


3 thoughts on “Turkey Eve

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  2. Jason Velasquez

    I dont know if my question every posted but I will like to know where was the fairy house at, will you know who made it. Im looking to buy that one for my goddaughter every since i saw the movie I will love any hlep please thank u

    1. Whine Less Post author

      Sorry, I don’t really know. The one we saw was not for sale, just display. You might try calling Hallmark Corporate since it was a prop from a Hallmark movie. Hopefully, they can guide you in the right direction. 1-800-HALLMARK (800-425-5627) Good luck!


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