Month Long Celebration

So we are still in the midst of my mom’s month-long birthday celebration.  It’s really never-ending or at least it feels that way.  I suppose that is one thing about getting older to look forward to… longer birthday celebrations.  Maybe it’s something like you get a half day per year?…  So if it’s your 50th birthday, you get to celebrate it for 25 days?  I think that sounds about right.  Or at least that seems to be what she thinks.  And it does seem to be working in her favor.  She may very well be onto something!

I needed coffee to start this day.  I tried a new-to-me place, Caribou Coffee.

caribou coffee

I had their Salted Caramel Budino because that drink was 50% off that day.  It was yummy!  A little salty at first sip but then mellowed out.  I would buy it again.  And for those, like me, who don’t know what Budino is:


any of various soft sweet desserts thickened usually with flour and baked or boiled or steamed


Good to know!

Then it was party time.  This party was at their house with her aunt and uncle, an older brother, his family and myself over for lunch.  They brought a Mexican chili and I made dessert.  My youngest nephew helped with blowing out the candle.

birthday candle

He cracks me up.  Before lunch the two of us were playing, arguing over whose birthday it was.  His birthday and mine are just a couple of weeks apart, followed by my mom’s a few weeks later.  I like to try to mix him up.  Such a good aunt!

<Mom stop reading!>

He decided to hide from me behind the entertainment system.  I’m pretty sure he is not supposed to be back there.  And as luck would have it, he got stuck.  Or as he said, his butt was stuck.

boy stuck

I decided for the good of the blog, I had to take a picture of the situation before helping him out.  I’m a good blogger like that.  I sacrificed my nephew’s comfort for you.  You are most welcome. 

<Mom, you can resume reading now.>

After that, my mom and I took her aunt and uncle home and I forced her to stop at the mall.  I was on a mission to find tall, brown boots.  I think we hit just about every store in the mall because my mom found a great parking spot.  Unfortunately, it was at the other end of the mall from the store I really wanted to visit.  So we were forced to do more shopping.  I hate when that happens.  Yeah, right.

I found the perfect boots.  And a sweater.  And…  nothing.  I only bought what I went for.  The boots were on sale for 50% off and the sweater was 75% off.  Love bargains like that!

My mom found something else…

letter to santa, macy's christmas

A place to write a letter to Santa, complete with a mailbox and believe meter!  Macy’s is all decked out for the holiday and this has to be my favorite part of their decor.  Can you tell how excited I was?  So excited I couldn’t hold the camera still enough to take a decent photo.  That is excited!

Have you tried Caribou Coffee?  What is your favorite drink there?

Any good shopping deals you want to brag about?

How long is your birthday celebration?


2 thoughts on “Month Long Celebration

  1. Katy@TheOpenDoor

    omg, I LOVE the idea of a half day celebration for each year you’re alive. You’re mom is on to something! I also love Caribou Coffee. I’m a fan of the light white berry. Even though it’s probably still very unhealthy, since they call it “light,” I get to lie to myself as I happily sip my size large.


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