Nature Center in Greyvember

Saturday after shopping sampling and picking up Sassy from the birthday party, we headed to one of our favorite parks.  We haven’t been since we moved back, but used to go there about once a month when we lived here before.  There were several new to us exhibits.

The park has a great nature center where OMG Becky made a new friend.

nature center, giant frog


The squirrels were quite entertaining with their acrobats while trying to get in the bird feeders.


nature center, squirrel on bird feeder

I have seen so many wild turkey since we moved back.  They are everywhere!

nature center, wild turkey

nature center, indoor playground

nature center

The helicopter simulator was pretty cool!

nature center, helicopter simulator

Then we headed outside.  We wanted to try a new trail while scoping out potential locations for our Christmas card photo.

nature center, bridge path

Sassy practicing the face that got her on the naughty list.

trail, bridge

Okay, not really it, but it probably should.

All the creek beds were pretty dry.

woods, trail

And this is where we must have gone the wrong way.  We somehow ended up on a different, shorter trail than we had planned.  And I think it was right here at this fork that we took a wrong turn.  We didn’t realize the dirt trail on the left was the trail we needed.  I think.


I will have to let you know.  I will try it again soon and see where it ends up.  Probably in the next state over…

It seems most of the leaves have suddenly left limb.  Everything looks bare.  Greyvember for sure.  Yes, I made that word up, but it feels appropriate.  Don’t you agree?

So gray, so blah.  I miss the colors of the Pacific Northwest.


Good thing I have these two to liven things up!

Do you have a great nature center in your area?  

Do you do a family Christmas photo?


3 thoughts on “Nature Center in Greyvember

  1. Run Eat Travel

    I used to live in the Seattle area and we recently just moved to Colorado and I made the comment that I miss how green everything was there. Colorado is beautiful but it’s very… dead looking.

  2. Lindsey @ Happy or Hungry

    Greyvember for sure!!! This pitch black at 5pm thing is really getting to me. Looks like a fun day though!
    And nope. No family Christmas photos here. However I am childless, so… Perhaps I will do one this year of my cat and I 🙂


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