Holiday Pre-Shopping & Sampling

Saturday while Sassy was at a party, OMG Becky and I had a couple of hours to blow.  We headed to World Market to explore.  Have you been there lately?  So.  Fun.

Did you know they also offer samples?!  Not nearly as many as Costco, mind you, but samples non the less.  We tried mint chocolate truffles, three types of olives, bread, black truffle + white cheddar popcorn, pumpkin crunch popcorn, maple pecan pie coffee and pumpkin caramel coffee.  It was all very good!  I may have to stop by there every weekend…

One of my favorite aisles was the mini food items.  Cute!  I want a bag stuffed with one of each!

world market mini

Especially these jars of pure maple syrup!

maple syrup, world market

I guess OMG Becky didn’t like them as much as I did.

Though she did like this tea!

world market

Get Gorgeous!  If only it was that easy.

Then we found the ornaments!  So many to choose from.  These two reminded me of my aunt’s dogs.

world market, holiday ornaments

OMG Becky fancied this one.

world market, holiday ornaments

She also got a little too personal with this reindeer.

world market, reindeer

I said it was ugly.  She disagreed and wanted to show it some love.

And nutcrackers!  Crazy, funny nutcrackers of all kinds!  This one was my favorite.

world market, yoga nutcracker, sumo nutcracker

Yoga nutcracker!

And we found these.

world market, bacon popcorn

Yuck, but to each his own, I suppose.

We also had a few minutes in Bed, Bath & Beyond.  OMG Becky was trying to figure out what these things were.  She thought they were some sort of arm warmers.

bed bath & beyond, boot slippers

Nope.  Boot slippers.

She may have also tried on curtains?…

bed bath & beyond, curtains

Don’t ask.  I don’t know why either.

I saw a lot of things I think will make great Christmas gifts at both stores.  Now I need to work on figuring out what exactly for which person.

Have you started your holiday shopping yet?


2 thoughts on “Holiday Pre-Shopping & Sampling

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