After School Walk

Yesterday afternoon OMG Becky surprised me by answering yes when I asked her if she wanted to explore a new trail with me.  Score!  I had been itching to get back into the woods!  And boy did we luck out with gorgeous weather.  Seventy degrees.  In November.  In the Midwest.  Pretty rare but oh so appreciated!

The trees are pretty bare now, making it easier to see farther.

hike, woods

Occasional burst of color really stand out.

hike, woods, fall foliage

Just a peak of the lake along this particular trail.

hike, woods, lake

We caught a couple does spying on us.

hike, woods, deer

hike, woods, omg becky

hike, woods

This bridge was a nice surprise!

hike, woods, bridge

Until we found a man with a dog on the other side.  He yelled out to us the his dog  he was holding back was friendly and then turned her loose.  She came charging at us!  Thankfully, she was very friendly, but then proceeded to follow us for quite a ways down the trail until her owner called her back.

hike, woods, dog

hike, woods, creek

I found a couple more trees for the win!

hike, woods, tree eating object

Is this tree growing out of a crack in a rock?  Or is the growth of the tree creating the crack?

hike, woods, tree growing out of rock

The walk was a great way to start the weekend.

Later we met up with a close family friend for ice cream.  He was our neighbor for six years before we moved the West coast.  Was good to catch up!

What did you do to kick off your weekend?


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