Halloween Already?

Nope, just a week late.

Halloween started out with taking my daughters and nephew over to trick or treat at their great, great aunt and uncle’s house.

halloween costume, football player, minnie mouse, witch

The kids were all pretty excited to see their dogs dressed up!

halloween dog costume, taco costume, hamburger costume

I was there for one thing and was not disappointed.

halloween goodie bag

Candy!  Yes, please.

Then it was back home to get ready for the trick or treaters!  OMG Becky decided she was too old to trick or treat this year and wanted to pass out the candy instead.

minnie mouse

Does her shirt look familiar?  Yep, it’s mine.  Teen daughter = closet raider.

Our first trick or treater was a bit scary!


Oh wait.  He looks familiar.


Someone else didn’t want to miss out on the costume fun.

grandma halloween costume

My dad took Sassy and her cousin, Blondie, out for the evening of trick or treating.

Hoppy came by!  She was…

rabbit costume

A bunny, of course!

Someone may have broken out into a little freestyle dance while listening to Pandora’s Halloween station.

minnie mouse costume

My favorite comment of the night?  When a little girl told OMG Becky she (Minnie Mouse) was on her TV at home.  So cute!


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