Trunk or Treat

Last night made me sad.  My daughters got to go to a trunk or treat event without me.  I had to go to class.  So sad.  I LOVE Halloween!  It is my absolute FAVORITE holiday.  (Yes, those caps are unnecessary to express my emotion.)

OMG Becky didn’t bother to dress up even though she has a costume.  Who does that?!!  Sometimes I wonder if she is really my child.  Her lack of enthusiasm only added more pain to my already hurting Halloween heart.

But Sassy is still a lover of the best holiday ever!  She welcomed the chance to dress up an extra night.

halloween costume, trunk or treat, witch, monster softball

Such a cute, happy witch!  Our cousin, Blondie, was a monster softball player or something like that, I’m told.  Blondie was doing her best to avoid Sassy’s wide hat brim!  You can’t see it in the photo, but Sassy’s hat blinks from the inside and shines out through the small star cutouts.  Awww!

There is one thing about that photo that bothers me…  OMG Becky did Sassy’s make-up.  A nice, green glow, black(?) lipstick, etc.  I think the make-up makes Sassy look older.  As in teenager older.  As in a glimpse into the future.  As in give me a tummy ache.  As in I’m not ready for this!

My cousin, Blondie’s dad, also participated in the trunk or treat.  So jealous!

halloween costume, trunk or treat, ghost, haunted house

This is the “trunk” of his SUV.  You can’t see it in this photo but the car’s hatchback is open and provides the roof of this haunted house.  The kids got to go up on the porch (old wood pallets!) and enter the front door to get their candy.  How cool is that?!

I think my cousin loves Halloween as much as I do.  He felt bad that I had to miss this event.  He knows how much I love this holiday.  He even tried to convince my teacher (my mom/his aunt!  LOL) to let me miss class.  It was a no go.  But she did rush through class to get me out early.  Unfortunately, I arrived at the event just in time to see the last two cars packing up.

What is your favorite part of Halloween?


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