The Good, the Bad & the Ugly

The good…

This happened today and I am not sorry.  Well, actually I am a little.  The gal making mine put way too much caramel and fudge in my creation.  It was too sweet.  I never thought I would say those words together!

I used my birthday coupon from them to get buy one get, one free.  Did you know they give out birthday coupons?

cold stone creamery

The bad…

I accidentally left my moon roof completely open last night.  Yesterday was clear, sunny, 80 degrees and gorgeous out!  Last night the temp dropped 40 degrees and it rained.  Lovely surprise in my car this morning.

rain in car

And the ugly…

Yesterday, I wore my newest pair of running shoes, hoping it would feel better on my legs.  Bad idea, I guess.  I ended up with a blister on each heel.  That has never happened when I wear these same shoes to run in.

heel blister

heel blister

Tell me your most recent good, bad or ugly.


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