Homecoming Dance

Last night was OMG Becky’s first Homecoming dance!  She is a freshman this year and it was kind of a big deal.  We were worried she wouldn’t be able to attend because she was home sick the day before.  But other than feeling a little tired and next to no voice, she rallied and got all gussied up for the occasion.

homecoming dress

Only one of my two nieces ended up making it over for pictures.  Such pretty girls!

homecoming dance, cousins

There were pictures.  So many pictures!  My niece’s boyfriend came over, too.  The men pulled up a seat to watch the photo shoot.

men, lawn chairs

Then it was time to meet up with the other girls in the group.  Beautiful dresses on such lovely young ladies!

homecoming dresses

homecoming dresses, high kick

Silly girls!

homecoming dresses

homecoming dress

The shoes!  Remember how I told you OMG Becky was working on her shoes?  She glittered her heels to match her dress (far right)!

homecoming shoes

And the hair!  She found a photo on Pinterest (of course!) of hair she liked.  The stylist was able to replicate it for her perfectly.  Waterfall braid across the back and long, loose curls.  Yes, please!

homecoming hair

She may have gotten a little tired of me taking so many photos.

What?!  I only took 105.  No big deal.

What was the best part of your weekend?


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