Homecoming Weekend! Maybe.

We have a BIG weekend planned.  Tomorrow is OMG Becky’s first Homecoming dance!  I’m not sure who is more excited, me or her.  We purchased her dress last spring on the West coast.  It’s beautiful!  Since then we have had it altered, personalized shoes and found jewelry that is a perfect match.

Tomorrow will be full of nail services (at home) and a professional hair appointment.  Mid-afternoon two of my nieces that attend the same high school are coming over so we can get photos of the three girls together.  We haven’t done that in years!

dance class

Then I get to be a chauffeur for the evening!  I am one of two parents driving 12 kids.  We are meeting at one house before heading out to a local park with a waterfall for photos,  dinner and then the dance.  I cannot wait!  And did I mention tomorrow is my birthday?  I really, really, really want to buy a big princess dress to wear!  I’m thinking hot pink and taffeta  maybe even a princess tiara…  OMG Becky is not having it.  She says I will no longer be allowed to drive if I dress up.  I think I may try anyway.

But there may be a kink in our plans.  OMG Becky is home sick today, no Homecoming game tonight for her.  She woke up with a sore throat Wednesday.  Yesterday she had no voice and a lot of throat pain.  She also wanted to sleep non-stop.  That is always a sign that she is sick.  I took her to the doctor yesterday afternoon.  The rapid strep test came back negative   The doctor thinks it is not strep.  Apparently strep would be higher in the throat and not effect her voice.  Laryngitis is probably the cause.  So far OMG Becky doesn’t have a fever, thankfully.  Today she woke up for school feeling worse.  We decided to keep her home.  She immediately went back to bed.  Hopefully, all this sleep will help.  Looks like another day of salt water gargling, hot tea with honey, chicken noddle soup and a cool-mist humidifier.  We need her to feel well enough to feel like attending the dance tomorrow night.  Please send some positive healing vibes her way!

What did you wear to your first Homecoming dance?


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