Stalker Status

It’s official, I cannot take my eyes off of her.  She’s a long-legged beauty that has captured my attention and now my heart.  Her name is Autumn.  Have you met her?

Autumn is a giraffe at The Greenville Zoo due to give birth to her first calf any day now.  The Zoo has teamed up with EarthCam to give us a chance to observe Autumn in her habitat.

baby giraffe

(Martin Pettitt – Photographer)

I can’t stop watching her!  I can’t wait to see the new baby!  Is there anything cuter than a baby giraffe?  We had a chance to watch one at the Wichita Zoo a few years ago.  It was so adorable running around all awkward on its long legs!

Are you a fan of EarthCam?  

What EarthCam channels have you watched/stalked?


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