Need Walking Shoe Recommendation

As you know, since my wreck I haven’t been able to run.  I have been walking the last few weeks and it has felt great!

happy pumpkin, jack o'lantern


So what’s the problem?  Generally, once I retire a pair of running shoes (450-500 miles), they become my everything else shoes.  I have been walking in one of those pairs of shoes.  I am noticing my legs are not enjoying the walk.  I feel it in my shins mostly.

sad pumpkin, jack o'lantern


I attribute this to way too may miles on my shoes.  I think I need new shoes made specifically for walking.  But I have never shopped for walking shoes.  I have no idea what to look forward.  I need your help!

Do you have shoes specific for walking?  Tell me about them!

What brands would you recommend?  What should I look for?


One thought on “Need Walking Shoe Recommendation

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