I Used to be Cool

Random photos from the last few days…

OMG Becky’s homecoming is this weekend!  She is working on a top-secret project.  Shhh!  Can you tell she’s a huge fan of Pinterest?

homecoming shoes, dyi shoes project


Yesterday we had strong winds blow through the area.  Of course, when I was home alone I heard a thud in the backyard.  This is what I found…

deck, strong wind


The wind had blown part of the railing off a small deck!  Why do things like this always happen around me?  Luckily, my parents had plans to remove it this spring anyway.  They plan on extending the deck a few feet closer to the pool area.

This is what happens if we leave the cats alone for too long.

lap cats



They then attach themselves to us like cat velcro.  Go ahead and tell me how much you love my penguin pajama bottoms.  They are all the latest rage!

Gazebo on a lake/pond was on my route this morning.  I imagine the autumn leaf colors will be spectacular in a few more weeks.


And this gem!  An “I used to be cool” bumper sticker on a minivan.  Love it!

i used to be cool bumper sticker

If I EVER succumb to this family mover vehicle, I will need that bumper sticker!

Any stickers on your car?  What do they say?  I actually don’t have any, but some I see really make me giggle.


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