Pumpkin Patch Part 3

We have finally arrived at the final post from the pumpkin patch.  Thanks for sticking around through Part 1 and Part 2!

It was finally time to head out into the actual pumpkin fields to pick our pumpkins!  Everyone was pretty excited.

pumpkin patch, hay ride, tractor ride

Someone please tell me why Guy insists on closing his eyes in every single posed photo?  Is it just a four-year old thing?

I was sadden to see the condition of the fields.  So dried up and brown.  I don’t remember it ever being this dry in years past.

pumpkin patch

But I was glad to see the pumpkins were all still on the vines!  We went to a different pumpkin patch last year (in another state) and they had simply placed pumpkins around a field for you to “pick.”  Not a fan.

OMG Becky got caught in a small dust devil in the middle of the field.

pumpkin patch, dust devil

Poor girl didn’t know which way to run!

Look what I found!  A gourd in the middle of the field.  I’m guessing someone had carried it out from the general store and left it behind by accident.

pumpkin patch, gourd

I decided it would be my “pumpkin” pick.  Why?  Because it confused the heck out of Guy as to why this “pumpkin” was so special.  He could not stop staring at it on the hayride back.  Well worth the $0.75!

Sassy and her trophy pumpkin.

pumpkin patch

Someone said SMILE, so I did!  OMG Becky did not.  I think maybe I embarrass her occasionally.

pumpkin patch, hayride

We discovered Sassy is a natural cowgirl!  Girl can work a lasso.  She hit the mark almost every time!

lasso, pumpkin patch

Who is that Pumpkin Patch Princess?

pumpkin patch, princess

pumpkin patch, giant rocking chair

I have been saving this photo for last because it features one of my favorite things of that day.

pumpkin patch, weather predictor

Fresh pumpkin donuts still warm!   Best treat of the day.  And Sassy, of course.  She’s one of my favorite things always.

What’s your favorite part of a pumpkin patch visit?


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