Pumpkin Patch Part 2

As continued from Part 1, here is a bit more of our afternoon at the pumpkin patch!

They had trikes that sadly OMG Becky has outgrown.  I remember when she was too tiny to even peddle these trikes on her own!

pumpkin patch, large trike


Telly was fast!  She raced Sassy and beat her mercilessly.


pumpkin patch, large trike


Sassy tried another method and still couldn’t catch Telly.


pumpkin patch, big trike

They had tire swings, slides, forts and obstacle courses.

pumpkin patch, tire swing

And pig races!  Those are always fun to watch.  Four little piggies racing each other around.  Can you see them on the far side of the track, center of pic?

pig race, pumpkin patch

Telly, Guy, Sassy and the rest of the crowd helped countdown to the next race.

pig race, pumpkin patch

They also have a train you can ride.  Grandpa and the three younger kids gave it a try!

pumpkin patch, miniature train ride

pumpkin patch, miniature train ride

While my Mom, OMG Becky and I hung out in one of the barns listening to live music…

pumpkin patch, live music

…and enjoying hot apple cider!

pumpkin patch, hot apple cider

Hot apple cider   Yay or nay?  Usually a nay for me.


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