Pumpkin Patch Part 1

If you follow me on Twitter, you already know that I spend three hours on Sunday afternoon running around a pumpkin patch.

grandparents, cousins, grandkids, pumpkin patch, autumn

Mom, daughter/Sassy, niece/Telly, her brother/my nephew/Guy, daughter/OMG Becky, Dad.

We have been going to this pumpkin patch every year (minus the last couple of years when we lived on the west coast) since OMG Becky was born.  I took a lot of pictures!  So many that I will divide this post up into three posts because I just can’t narrow down the photos to less than 30.  Buckle up!

pumpkin patch

We have photos of the girls in front of this sign every year!  Amazing to see how much they have grown and change over the years.

There are many animals to see, pet and hand feed.  Donkeys…

cousins, donkey, pumpkin patch

Baby cows!…

pumpkin patch, calf

Baby goats!…

baby goat, pumpkin patch

There were also ducks, chickens, rabbits and pigs.

It was chilly out!  I had on running tights, jeans, SmartWool socks, my favorite Costco workout tank, long sleeve tech tee, Columbia pull-over with thumb holes, and my Saucony DryLete headband.

pumpkin patch

They had a stage set up for performances.  When they don’t have one scheduled, they just play music for the kids to dance to.  Guy thought he wanted to dance, but he only made it as far as the steps.  Not sure if those little girls intimated or fascinated him!

pumpkin patch

Sassy had just let Telly off the train.

pumpkin patch, wood train

Pumpkin patch fairies!

pumpkin patch fairies

And Guy got a little lesson on how to use some heavy equipment.  Guy is into sports.  Basketball, football, hockey and soccer.  Loves them all!  Not sure how he feels about construction.

pumpkin patch

I will be back later to post part 2!

Have you visited a pumpkin patch yet this fall?


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