Magic Birthday

Last night was a birthday party for my niece and nephew.  They are siblings with birthdays in the same week, but 14 years apart.  The birthday boy spent the afternoon with us before the party, while Sassy stayed behind at his house to help decorate.

OMG Becky likes to tease him.  She spent most of the ride to the party trying to make him play with her.  He’s got four older siblings so he’s mastered the art of ignoring someone.

birthday boy, cousins

OMG Becky does not like to be ignored.  Poor Guy.

birthday boy, cousins

He was too cute with his little suit on and birthday boy button!

The party was huge with almost 70 people in attendance.  It made getting photos hard since it seemed to be wall to wall people most of the time.

The main attraction of the party was the magician!  Guy got called up to help out with a trick.

birthday boy, kc magic man

My niece, Hoppy, found a comfortable seat on Sassy’s lap.

birthday party, cousins

After the show, we headed back upstairs to mingle for a bit before cake and presents.  Sorry but I totally missed out on pictures of those.  But the cake was an adorable rabbit coming out of a magician’s hat.  Adorable and delicious!  Chocolate, chocolate chip.  Enough said.  I tried really hard to avoid it.  But then OMG Becky delivered a piece right to my seat far, far away on the other side of the house.  I felt obligated to eat it!…

The magician also walked around doing more tricks up close and personal.

magic trick, kc magic man

magic trick, kc magic man

I also ran into a high school classmate of mine!  Because the party was so crowded, we didn’t even notice each other until I was leaving for night.  We got to catch up for a couple of minutes, before I had to rush out.  Hi Peter!

In other exciting news!!…  I finally unpacked my point and shoot camera!  I would say this is the end of crappy photos you will see on here, but let’s face it, hat’s probably not true.  BUT, this recent discovery should bring that number down.  And now, you may thank me.


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