Hedge Apple Hike

This morning I headed out to explore a new trail.  I had noticed the trail head during my summer visit here in August.  I convinced Sassy to join me and our cousin, Blondie, who had spent the night.  Actually, Sassy didn’t want to go, but Blondie did.  So it was actually Blondie who convinced Sassy.

These two girls were born 8 months apart and have been the best of friends forever.  Sassy really missed Blondie when we lived in Oregon the past couple of years.  But now they are making up for lost time and it’s a beautiful thing!

The trail was a combination of pavement and gravel.  Half of it was pretty flat, but the other half was hills.  I really don’t remember hills like that here!

The girls were behind me most of the way.  And most of the time Blondie was yelling for me to slow down.  I heard Sassy explaining to her I was walking so fast because I really wanted to run but can’t yet.  Smart girl.

trail, hike, cousins

Every once in a while, they would come charging up behind me to shorten the gap.

trail, hike, cousins

Sassy in all her glory, hitching up her britches.  Lovely.

It was a nice time to be in the woods.  Cool temps, overcast sky and leaves beginning to change.  We walked along the lake’s edge for part of it.

trail, hike, lake

Sassy was attempting to float leaves.

At one point, we came across a bunch of hedge apples in the path.  Blondie thought it would be fun to kick one.  She quickly realized how very hard and heavy they are!

trail, hike, cousins, fall, autumn, hedge apple

Lesson learned!  We had to giggle at her.

trail, hike, cousins, fall, autumn

We found several intersections along the trail.  I can’t wait to explore them all.  Though it may be awhile.  You know my rule, I never go in the woods alone.  Chicken, party of one.

Sassy insisted on chocolate milk as soon as we got home to refuel.  Proud mom moment.  She’s a runner in the making!

Did you get to explore any new trails this week?

Have you ever tried kicking a hedge apple?

What do you call them?  Hedge apple, horse apple, Osage orange or something else?


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