Cousin Lovin’

My girls are loving all the time they are now getting to spend with their cousins here!  A few times a week someone is over here or we are visiting them.  They have been to soccer games, football games, parades and birthday parties.  There are so many of us, there seems to be a birthday every other week or so!

cousin, milkshake

Last night this little guy spent the night.  They wanted milkshakes for dessert.

He asked me if I wanted a “bu-no-la” shake.

Um, what?  A bologna shake?!  No thank you.

No, bu-lo-na shake!

Um?… Ohhhhh!  A vanilla shake!

The answer was still no from me, even though a vanilla shake sounds a lot more appealing than a bologna shake.  Ick.

He then had fun trying to imitate Sassy.

cousin, milkshake

Tonight OMG Becky is at a football game with her grandparents, uncle and cousin.  And Sassy has a cousin spending the night here.  They have been amusing themselves on a tire swing, while waiting for something bigger, more fun to come along.

tire swing, cousin

And it did!  This popped up across the street!

bouncy house, cousin

The neighbors are having a birthday party this weekend with this as the main attraction.  Sassy and her cousin immediately went over to ask if they could bounce in it.  And bounce they did!

Tomorrow we are going to a combined birthday party for two cousins who are turning 4 and 21.  There is talk of a magician.  Should be fun!

Do you get together with your family often?

What is on your agenda for tomorrow?


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