A Caffeinated & Productive Saturday

Did you do it?  Did you celebrate National Coffee Day yesterday?

I most certainly did!  And apparently so did everyone else in town.  The line for Starbucks was insane!  Inside and out!

national coffee day, starbucks line

national coffee day, starbucks line

But I was rewarded handsomely for my patience!

starbucks white chocolate mocha

Well, actually there is nothing handsome at about that manicure.  Yikes!  My White Chocolate Mocha was worth the wait.

I was celebrating, caffeinated and ready to tackle a project that day.  A project that was driving me nuts.  A project that let me dumbfounded on how to proceed.  What could cause me so much trepidation?…


This pile of short sleeve shirts!  Now stop laughing and let me explain.

My entire life, I have never wanted for closet space.  They have always been large, multiples &/or walk-in.  And most of the time, all mine!  I’m spoiled, I know.  But now.  Now!  Now I am deduced to a closet half the size I am used to.  And.  And!  I only get to use half of that space.  My clothes are just not fitting.  So what’s a spoiled brat girl to do?

I had to get creative!  I moved my small TV stand into my room and am using the inner shelves for my sweater storage.  I am using one shoe organizer I had at my previous house and plan to buy another one (or two!) and stack them.  On top of those will go my jeans.  Or I may trade them out for the sweaters.  Now that I think of it, jeans are heavy.  Probably best to keep them lower in the TV stand and put my sweaters on top of the shoe organizers.

I was able to fit my pants, dresses, skirts, long sleeve shirts and workout shirts in the closet.  Intimates, pajamas, and workout shorts/pants all went into the one dresser.  But all of that still left me with the short sleeve shirts.  I was running out of space!  Except for under the bed…  Bingo!

Yes, I am that organized in my clothes.  Everything is arranged by clothing type and then color.  It saves me from spending way too much time searching for something, if I can narrow the location down quickly.  Moving on.  Clothes were organized, ready to go under the bed and then I noticed THIS!…

THIS is a rip in the brand new under the bed organizer I just bought!  THIS is two more trips to the store!  One to purchase another organized so I can transfer the shirts into it.  And another to return the ripped one.  THIS was not a happy ending to my storage solution.

Oh well, it is ALMOST done.  And I am one step closer to feeling more organized.

Did you do anything productive this weekend?


2 thoughts on “A Caffeinated & Productive Saturday

  1. Sara

    I SHOULD have cleaned my apartment this past weekend because my parents will be in town THIS weekend, buuuut I didn’t 😉 have a great week!


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