Family Geography

This morning after I got my girls up, made them breakfast and got them on the bus, I headed out on a walk to explore my new/old neighborhood.  My girls and I are currently staying with my parents until two things happen.  One – I find a job.  This is proving to be a very time-consuming process!  Two – Buy and remodel a foreclosed house that needs a lot of sweat equity.  So until then we are bunking it here, multi-generation style.  And it’s not too bad.  My parents’ house is roomy with a finished lower level that could be its own apartment/rental.

My parents moved here seven years ago.  My younger brother lives in this subdivision, too.  He moved in a year or so before them.  My cousin lives in the subdivision next to this one.  And I actually lived on the same street there as well when I was married to my girls’ father.  (But then we downsized and divorced and I moved to the next city over into the subdivision my oldest brother lives in.)

family house

My old house in Subdivision A.


  • 12 years ago or so – I moved to Subdivision A
  • Couple of years later – Cousin moved to Subdivision A on same street
  • Couple of years later – I move to Subdivision B (next city over) where oldest brother lives.
  • Following year – Younger brother moves to Subdivision C, next to Subdivision A
  • Following year – Parents move to Subdivision C
  • 2012 – I am back in Subdivision C, living with the parental units.

You may have noticed after that clear convoluted paragraph, we like to cluster.  It may come as no shock to you, I am looking to find a house in this subdivision or one adjoining.  Plus, I want to keep my girls in their current schools.  Moving can be so hard on them and I would really like to minimize that as much as possible.

My walk today was winding through six subdivisions looking at properties.  I have my eye on a few.  Now if I could just find a job!

When was the last time you had to job hunt?  How long did it take to find a job?  I have been applying for almost eight weeks now.


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