The Day My Mom Almost Caused a House Fire

Yes, you read that correctly.  Thursday, my mom was vacuuming her house when the vacuum started smoking.  She turned it off for a few minutes, cleaned out the roller brush, emptied the dust cup and then tried it again.  She had almost finished when it started smoking pretty badly.  The smoke was so intense, I came out of another room to see what the smell was.  My mom was sitting in the living room wrapping up the vacuum cord while smoke was coming out!  I quickly dragged it outside, fully expecting flames to consume it and the house at any moment.

vacuum fire, eureka

Goodbye vacuum.  You will be meeting Mr. Trashman next week.  He’s going to take you to your new home.

But we weren’t done with vacuums for the day.  Nope.  We had plans to freshen up a couple of houses my parents currently have listed for sale in preparation for weekend showings.  So off to the store we went to get a replacement.  Think my mom really like Ol’ Yeller vacuum because she insisted on getting the same one to replace it.  Unfortunately, Shiny New Yeller didn’t come ready to use.  Wha wha.

vacuum parts, eureka

Can you guess who got to put this together?  Yep, me.  See that screwdriver in the middle of the photo?  We had to buy that, too, just to put the vacuum together.  It was cheaper to buy the screwdriver than to drive all the way back home for one.

But victory was mine!

vacuum, eureka

Any guesses as to how many attempts it took me to get my head and thumbs up both in the same picture?!  If you guessed less than five, you have far too much faith in my photography skills.

Any surprises in your life last week?

Are you loyal to a specific vacuum model &/or brand?


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