Red Homecoming

I’m back!  And I am going to try to be a better blogger for you, my imaginary virtual friends.  My girls and I have been busy since I arrived last weekend.  Most of our outings with family.  So great to hang out with everyone again!

This weekend was Homecoming weekend at the school my brother teaches and coaches at.  Friday night kicked it off with what was probably the world’s shortest parade.  Or at the the shortest I have ever been to.  The parade route was through what use to be a pretty popular, small-town-feel business district.  Now, not so much.

OMG Becky and my youngest niece, Hoppy, waiting for the parade to start.  With Hoppy is HopHop.  HopHop goes with Hoppy everywhere.  They are very close.  I think OMG Becky is trying to determine if they are actually conjoined twins.


I wish I had gotten a close up of Hoppy’s shoes.  They are the cutest, glittery Sketchers ever!  I want a pair, but I’m pretty sure they don’t make them in get a life adult sizes.

And then the parade started.  You’re lucky I took photos, it went by so quickly it would have been easy to miss.  Just ask my sister in law.  She turned around for less than a few seconds and missed half of it.  I wish I was kidding.

The Homecoming Royal Court…

homecoming parade, antique fire truck

Marching band and mascot…

homecoming parade, marching band, mascot

The soccer team…

homecoming parade, soccer team

And then came the football team.  We were expecting good candy to be thrown from them.  And what did we get?…

homecoming parade, football team

Sticks!  Sticks off the ground from a tree.  Sticks.  What the hay?!  Apparently they were out of candy???  OMG Becky and Hoppy were not impressed.

That was about the full extend of the parade, but it wasn’t necessary over.  Oh noooo.  You see the parade was down a one way street.  It just went about 3 blocks one way and then rounded back the other direction.  And the loyal parade spectators this group was all go up and crossed the street to watch the same parade go by again.

parade homecoming

Well, all but one spectator.

My dad waiting for us in his original spot along the first route.  Guess once was enough for him.

Today was the Homecoming Game!  The weather was perfect!  Bright and sunny with a slight fall breeze.

homecoming game, football team

OMG Becky and I showing our team spirit.

football game, team spirit, homecoming

And Hoppy waving the stick to cheer on the team.

homecoming game, football

We decided we will now wave sticks at the games in support since they threw them out at the parade instead of candy.  Hoppy must have bonded with her stick because she asked her mom if she could take it home because they don’t have sticks at home.  Indeed.

When is your local high school’s homecoming weekend?  OMG Becky is excited for her first homecoming coming up in a few weeks!


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