One with Nature

Friday night I needed to shake out my sore legs a bit.  A hike through my favorite park was in order!

It was amazing how much more I noticed along the trail that I usually just rush passed on my normal hikes.  Sometimes I just need to slow down and see the beauty that it all around me.

Have you ever been forced to slow down on a regular route and noticed something new?

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *~ * ~

I’m signing up for Mommy Run Fast’s 5/10 Virtual Race!


4 thoughts on “One with Nature

  1. kaylieruns

    I totally know what you mean! I just returned to running after a month long recovery for a calf injury. Durring my recovery, I walked my usual running routes and noticed so many things!

  2. Laura

    Beautiful! We haven’t done much hiking since we moved to Tx, but I’m excited to spend two weeks in PA and upstate NY in August, we already have several hikes planned. So glad you’re joining the race!


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