My First CrossFit Experience

My quads are sore, as are my glutes.  Certain things/positions are not fun.  Like walking, stairs, getting in and out of cars, bending over, rolling over, sitting down, etc.  My trapeziuses are a bit sore, but not too bad.

So let’s talk about how they got this way.


Our agency invited a local CrossFit trainer/owner to give present the class.  The class was a total of 3.5 hours.  The trainer would show us a Powerpoint of three exercises and model them using himself and two of our guys, who are also CrossFit trainers.  (We have two on our staff, plus two more in training.)  Then we would go outside and practice the exercise, while the three trainers would correct our form.

We did that for three different sessions.  And then came the actual workout of the day WOD.  (I’m immature or something because every time I hear that word, it makes me giggle!)   We worked on teams of three.  We would take turns relay-style, at running out and back, wall balls and kettle balls for eight minutes.  My team didn’t win, but we didn’t come in last either.  I consider that a victory!

And the best part?  My agency will now offer a free CrossFit workout twice a week!  Unfortunately, at the times they are happening may not work out best with my schedule, but we will see.  I’d really like to make it there at least once a week.  There is a new CrossFit gym that just opened near my house, but I don’t really want to have to pay for it.  I already pay for a family membership to another gym.


As I was saying at the start of this post, yesterday I was so sore!  After work, I went for an hour hike in the park, followed by a 15 minute sauna with my legs elevated and then home for foam rolling.  Legs are still sore today, but much better than yesterday.  I had to work an outdoor event on my feet moving around for 5.5 hours today, so I think that helped, too.  I hope so because I want to run tomorrow!

What do you do for your sore muscles?


10 thoughts on “My First CrossFit Experience

  1. Corrie Anne

    That is so awesome that you are getting free classes!! Amazing!! I DIY some WODs so that ecard CRACKED me up!!!!! I’m super sore today from box jumps. I’m about to go do some yoga!

  2. Laura

    Wow, that is an intense workout! I would love to have an option for free cross fit- our current gym doesn’t offer it, but I’m hoping to visit the local box to try it out sometime.

  3. Tia @ Arkansas Runner Mom

    I tried out CrossFit a few months ago during a break from running I had earlier this summer. NOTHING could have prepared me for how INCREDIBLY sore I was for like 5 days afterwards!! I used to be a skeptic but I actually LOVED the workout and the competitive aspect of it. Unfortunately, I do not have the extra “time” to do cross fit AND keep up with my competitive running training schedule but I would like to fit it in someday. (Maybe when all my kids are in school??)

    Anyway, great job for trying it out. That is really cool that your agency now offers it for free! Too bad it doesn’t work out with your current work schedule. Maybe someday!

  4. Carrie

    That ecard is so me: I’m too cheap to join a gym but am about to start doing workouts with a friend of mine. She gets them from I’m looking forward to it.

    Good job! And you have an amazing company that supports fitness. Awesome!

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