Daily Archives: July 22, 2012

Back Fat Be Gone Workout

Thursday night, my small group set out on a shorter, but hilly hike to prep us another longer hike we have planned.  A couple of us used trekking poles for the first time because they are necessary for the other hike.  Actually we used ski poles because that’s what we had on hand.  It was a sort of we’re cheap thrifty “try it before you buy it” adventure.

It took me forever to figure out the movement of using the poles!  I could not walk and talk, or even think about anything else at first or I would mess up my rhythm.  I felt like a monkey with a new toy.  Finally I got the hang of it and started to enjoy them.

I must tell you, I could totally feel the movement across my back and thought of all my back fat melting away.  It was a delusion good feeling!  I told my friends that I wondered if this was a good workout for my back fat.  One gal said, yes probably.  I told her she was not my real friend.  A real friend would have said something along the lines of “Back fat?  I’ve never noticed you had back fat!”

I asked the same friend to take a picture of me along the way.  She apparently could not figure out my newfangled contraption called a cell-phone camera!  Because the photos and two videos (taken on accident!) were all like this…

I think she was sore about the back fat/friend comment.  😉

Most of the fun on this hike took place on the way down the hill.  Because quite frankly, climbing up it was less than fun.  It took us right at one hour to climb the two miles to the top.

You can sort of make out the town below through the middle of the tree on the left.

We had just started descending when we suddenly heard a musical band.   Now it’s not unusual to see a fellow hiker in the woods with their instrument.  But this was way more than one instrument that we were hearing.  More like a school marching/concert band in the middle of the woods!  We quickly realized it was coming from a concert in the bandshell miles below us in the park.

not my bandshell (source)

The bandshell only hosts a few concerts a year and local high school graduations.  And it just so happened to be facing the direction of the trail/hill we were on.  We were treated to a live concert all the way down. So cool!  I highly recommend you request a live band serenade you on your next hike.  Invigorating, I tell you!

And then there was this little guy…

He was very curious and followed us about 1/2 mile.  Deer here tend to be a little too unafraid of humans for their own good.

I was nervous that I would wake up Friday sore from the longer hike on Wednesday and then this hilly hike/back fat workout on Thursday, but I didn’t!  Guess my body has finally figured out to quit being a cry baby and suck it.  It’s about time!

What’s the biggest surprise you have found/heard in the woods?  And keep it PG, please.  😉