Rockin’ Summer Night

After hiking and the unintentional dip the other night, we headed back downtown in search of dinner.  Of course, a trip downtown always involves happening upon some street musicians.

And that night was no different!  This group had coordinating tropical shirts and were playing tropical music.  They had a sign indicating they were raising tuition money.  They played for a couple of hours!

My town has a lot of alleys and hidden walkways.

I don’t know why but I love them, especially since most of the tourists don’t seem to even notice them so they are less traveled.

While waiting in line at my favorite pizza joint, we realized it was almost time for the free nightly concert.  We grabbed our food to go and headed to the show!

Dinner in the grass!  This is the special at the pizza place.  Jumbo slice of thin (oh so good!) pizza, salad and drink for $6.95.  Not too shabby!  Don’t worry, I only ate about half the salad.  I had to save room for my pizza slice!  That day the veggie option was black olive, tomato, broccoli and feta cheese.  Yummy!

We had no idea who was playing at the free show, but free is free and this show did not disappoint.  It was actually my favorite show so far this summer.

And it was packed!  This group bills themselves as a “Celtic tribal celebration”.  It was three guys.  One playing percussion.  Another playing two different didgeridoo and keyboard.  And the third guy was the main singer, also playing guitar and bagpipe.  But it was rock music coming from those instruments!

Now if you had told me anything about this group before the show, I honestly would have not gone.  Usually not my thing.  But they rocked!  Seriously from the beginning to the end.

They had the crowd on their feet singing and dancing!  I think I will now need to stalk their tour dates for future shows.

Another great summer night in the books!

What was the last great music group you saw?

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