Unintentional Dip

Last night I decided to go on a hike with some friends.  We choose one of our usual trails through a popular trail system.  We ended up doing an out and back for a little over eight miles.

One of my least favorite parts.  Stairs.  Ugh.

Some parts of this trail is really winding and narrow, all while going up hill, of course.

And a lot of it is a drop off on one side, like this photo.  Do you see the white spot in the middle center?  That would be a waterfall in the creek below.  It looks like a ripple, but the fall is actually about 5-6′ tall.

It wasn’t took long before we came to a really steep part.  I ended up sliding down it on my hands and feet, like a reverse bear crawl.  Doesnt’ that sound pretty?

My hands have never looked better.

Monster water-vegetation!

No idea what is in that water, but it must be good.

Here’s a random for you.  Hiker on the other side of the creek is walking along playing a saxophone.  In the woods.  Just because.

But random musician wasn’t even my favorite part of the hike…

This area was.

Because we left the trail and started rock hopping.  So much fun!  Especially when someone falls in!  What?  Oops!

Yep, it happened.  Not to me but one of my friends was in front of me and was hugging a large rock trying to move across it vertically.  Didn’t work out so well.  Splash!

And this part was deeper than it looks.  Like shoulders deep!  After we realized no one was hurt, we all about fell in laughing!  Nothing like a dip in melted snow water.  I hear it was refreshing.

Tell me about your last hike!




2 thoughts on “Unintentional Dip

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