Entertain Me

I’ve said it before and I will say it again.  I love my town!  For a town this small size, I still can’t get over all that there is to see and do all the time.  From decorated trees to free shows to parades.

Here are a few photos from my run Saturday morning that entertained me.

Someone please define for me what makes a yard sale “extreme.”  And do you see the hours of this Extreme Yard Sale?  10-3.  It doesn’t even open until 10:00 AM!?  Everyone knows all the good crap is gone by 9:00 AM!  And all the yard sale goers will be out of quarters by then.  Amateurs.

Random rolling office chair in the park.  Okay…

And a few yards down the sidewalk…  A shopping cart.  I understand now!  I bet my yard sale money there was a race of some kind in the park last night involving these two!  Now to determine if Col. Mustard or Mrs. Peacock was the winner…

A parade?  No, not really.  But there were 20+ of these old, odd cars and motorcycles that came passing by.

This one was my favorite!  The star on the driver’s door said “Nevada Brothel Inspector.”  Tee-hee.

Okay, enough of that silliness.  It was a beautiful morning for a run.

Even if this new route was a bit more hilly than I thought it would be.

My run was followed by my new favorite breakfast sandwich!

Toasted nuts & seeds bread with a bit of mayo, goat cheese and fried egg.  So very good!

Anything fun/random happen on your run this week?

What’s your favorite breakfast lately?


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