Sometimes the Stars Align

Saturday morning began with a run for me, followed by breakfast while reading blogs.  Someone posted about going to the beach.  Again.  No, I’m not bitter much.  And don’t worry, I took a shower, too.  I was just waiting for the my pores to stop sweating out half my body weight.  As if!  Like I would want to stop sweating if I did lose half my weight.

After my shower, I walked downtown to run a few errands and stop in to visit friends working today.  One such friend works in a salon.  She told me she like my hair, that it was very “beachy.”  Beachy must equal no I didn’t bother to wash my hair after my run today.  So hawt.  Everybody knows you can’t wash your hair if you are a real blogging runner.

I started heading home from my walk and I received a text from a friend wanting to go to the beach.  That day.  Right then!  Um, okay!  I think it was meant to be.  I had the idea, the desire, the hair and now the offer.  I’m was in!

We headed out around 1:00 PM.  The coast is only one hour away as the crow flies.  But there are mountains, lots  of mountains, and forest between us and the ocean.  All that beautiful scenery adds another two hours to the drive.  But a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do!

And it’s not like we had to go around every mountain.  I went through some!

And a drive through the Redwood forest!  Tree love!  How cool are those giants?!  Seriously, that is a huge RV coming towards us in the other lane and it look like a child’s toy Mini Cooper.

We stopped to hug a few trees and I found the biggest clovers I have ever seen!  Crazy big.  I bet leprechauns in this forest would be more the size of a sasquatch.

We finally made it to the beach.

Me and my beach hair couldn’t have been happier!

It was glorious!

Lots of kites out flying.

Can you see the little guy on the paddle board?  This was his first time and he was adorable!

My favorite part?  This tide pool was full of starfish!

Then I grabbed this one to stick in my pocket!  Just kidding.  I just wanted to show size of this guy compared to my hand.

We hung out at this beach for a couple hours, we headed to the harbor for dinner.  The view was pretty good, but the food was underwhelming.  After dinner, we headed down to the beach below the restaurant.  It was smaller than the first beach but more crowded.  Lots of people sitting around bonfires.  We hung out for another hour waiting for the main event…

Sunset on the beach!  Perfect day.

Except for that long drive home.  And if you have been keeping track, you’re right, it was a long day.  I didn’t get home until midnight.  Exhausted but happy.  And then I had another night were I couldn’t go to sleep.

And this.  This happened to my beach hair.

The beach wind whipped my beach hair into beach dreads.

But it was worth it.  All of it was worth it for a perfect day at the beach.


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