50 Best Healthy Foods

The HuffPost Healthy Living published a list of the 50 Best Healthy Foods in the World.


I thought it would be fun to see how often I, occasionally or never eat them.

  1. Almonds.  Love them!  Always on hand, whole &/or almond butter form.
  2. Apples.  Yum!  Almost always in my house.
  3. Artichoke Hearts.  Yes!  But since I don’t really cook, I usually only have these in a restaurant.
  4. Avocado.  Would eat them everyday!  Have a few times a week.
  5. Beets.  So good!  Love them on a salad.  But have never had them at home.
  6. Beans.  The magical fruit!
  7. Bell Peppers.  Love them, except for the green.  Problem is they make me burp so I avoid them.  TMI?
  8. Blackberries & Raspberries.  We have wild blackberries everywhere here.  Free fruit!  
  9. Black Tea.  Never meet a tea I didn’t like!  But I tend to just buy green or white tea.
  10. Blueberries.  Good stuff, but I prefer the dried to fresh.
  11. Broccoli.  Great in small doses.  I buy it every few weeks to eat fresh, usually on salads.
  12. Brown Rice.  I am still making the transaction to brown rice.  I prefer the taste of white but I know brown is better for me.
  13. Brussels Sprouts.  I think I’ve tried Brussels sprouts once and didn’t like them.  Need to try them again!
  14. Cherries.  LOVE them!  One of my favorites!
  15. Chia Seeds.  Never had them.  Think they may annoy me like sesame seeds.  Not sure why.
  16. Coffee.  Usually have a cup every morning.  With cream & sugar.  Not sure that counts…
  17. Cranberries.  I buy the dried variety for salads.
  18. Dark Chocolate.  Love it, would eat it more often, as in overboard, so I try not to buy a lot of it at once.
  19. Edamame.  Good stuff!  I occasionally buy it at Costco, but usually just eat it when dining out.
  20. Eggs.  I get organic, brown eggs from a friend.  So flavorful!
  21. Flax Seed.  I buy it ground and add it to all sorts of things, like smoothies and oatmeal.
  22. Ginger.  Can only think of a couple of times I’ve ever had it.  
  23. Greek Yogurt.  I am now a huge fan!
  24. Green Tea.  Yes!  I have a couple of cups of it almost daily.
  25. Kale.  Shhh!  Never had it.  Now I will be the outcast in all of Bloggerland…
  26. Kefir.  Never had it.  Had to Google it just to see what it was.
  27. Lentils.  Only had a couple of times.
  28. Oatmeal.  Yum!  Have it almost daily.
  29. Olive Oil.  Household staple.
  30. Oranges.  Oh so good!
  31. Pistachios.  One of my favorites! 
  32. Pomegranate.  Yes!  Prefer the dried variety on salads.
  33. Potatoes.  Household staple.  So many options!
  34. Quinoa.  Good stuff!  Need to learn to make it at home.
  35. Red Wine.  Not a real fan of it.  Prefer sweeter wines.
  36. Salmon.  Nope, no meat for me.
  37. Sardines.   Nope, no meat for me.
  38. Seaweed.  Usually only on sushi.  I have had it dried a few times.  Not a fan.
  39. Shiitake Mushrooms.  All mushrooms are good mushrooms!  
  40. Skim Milk.  I don’t drink cow’s milk.
  41. Spinach.  Household staple!  Eat it in salads, omelets, smoothies.
  42. Strawberries.  So good!  Love when they are on sale.
  43. Sunflower Sprouts.  Only had them out at restaurants before.
  44. Sweet Potatoes.  Favorite!  I have them a couple of times a week!
  45. Tomatoes.  Are okay and I much prefer them raw vs. cooked.
  46. Turmeric.  Not sure I’ve had it.  Maybe in some Indian food, which I love?
  47. Tuna.   Nope, no meat for me.
  48. Walnuts.  Yes, please!  I like to bake with them and eat them on salads.
  49. Water.  All day, everyday! 
  50. White Tea.  Yum!
And my score…
  • 26 often
  • 13 occasionally
  • 11 never
I’m pretty happy with those results.  Now it’s your turn!
What’s your healthy food score?

8 thoughts on “50 Best Healthy Foods

  1. Jen

    Clearly I’m pretty bored at work, since i took the time to actually go through and count these up! I have 22 green/often foods, 16 occasionally, and 12 never. I can see I need to drink more tea! And some things I wasn’t sure if they should be occasionally or regularly, but either way, I think I’m doing pretty well. Oh, I also need to try seaweed!

  2. mygoalcalledlife

    Great idea! I laughed out loud at your kale comment…too funny! I eat (or have tried) just about everything on this list, with the exception of milk (I don’t drink milk either) and chia seeds (I just don’t get it).


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