Adventures in Cooking

Watermelon Feta Salad with Mint


Good lord, I really messed this one up.

So my girls left on Tuesday for a few weeks.  Right before they left I had purchased a watermelon because Sassy luvs it.  When they left, we still had half a large watermelon to eat.  I like watermelon, but not enough to eat that much quick enough by itself.  And since this girl doesn’t live close enough to me to share with, I started looking for other options.  And since I declared my new goal of trying a new recipe every week, this was perfect timing to jump in!

This recipe calls for 7 ingredients, most of which I had on hand:

  • seedless watermelon (check!)
  • extra virgin olive oil (check!)
  • 3 limes (had to purchase)
  • salt (check!)
  • black pepper (check!)
  • mint leaves (asked my friend for some out of her garden)
  • crumbled feta cheese (check!)
Ok, looking good so far!  I cubed my watermelon.  Oh wait…  the recipe called for a 7-8# watermelon.  I only had about half of that left.  No problem!  I would just make 1/2 the recipe.  Not like I needed a huge salad by myself anyway.
Okay moving on to the dressing.  EVOO in a bowl.  Limes need to be juiced.  Oh…  I don’t own a juicer, manual or otherwise.  Okay, I will just roll squeeze it out by hand.  Wow, those limes are kinda tough.  By the second lime I realized I should roll the lime around on the counter before cutting open to squeeze the juice out.  Great in the dressing bowl goes the juice.
Okay, now salt and pepper into the mix.  Good, good, things are progressing.  Wait a second… how much EVOO did I put in the dressing bowl?  1/2 cup?  Crap!  I totally forgot to half it.  Fine, whatever.  I will just make the entire dressing and then just use half of it.  That should work, right?
Okay more lime juice, salt and pepper.  All good in the kitchen hood!
Now comes the mint.  Fun, chop, chop, chop.  Goodness, chopping really isn’t that fun.  Even when you have cool kitchen gadgets to play with.  OMG, I love kitchen gadgets!  Seriously, I could spend hours in a kitchen gadgets store!  Funny because I don’t know what most of them are even used for.  (See how easily I get distracted while cooking?!)  Take the chopping gadget I used on the mint.  I have now idea what it is called!  I literally just had to Google “Pampered Chef”   images to find this gadget so I would know its name.
It’s a Crinkle Cutter!  Did you know that or am I the only clueless one?  Wait.  Don’t answer that.
Back to the recipe!  I did all the see saw cutting I could handle.  Then it was time to mix the mint with the watermelon.  Okay, done.  Pour the dressing over the watermelon and stir.  Okay, good, I can do that.  Then mix in the cheese gently.  Done.
And it looked good, right?  But it did not taste good.  I’m not sure what exactly I don’t like about it.  Could be the dressing that I totally flubbed.  Also the mint.  Ick.  I think I needed to do a much better job of chopping it.  And less of it next time.  Pretty sure I used more than needed.  Not that there will be a next time.  I don’t see myself trying this recipe again.  Not the recipe’s fault.  I claim total and complete responsibly for messing this one up.  And now I have a giant dish of it to eat all by myself.  Maybe it will grow on me…
UPDATE:  I just went to have a bowl of this salad.  It has evolved into something not so visualually appealing.  I won’t be trying it.  Such a waste of good watermelon and feta cheese!
Have you made a watermelon feta salad before?  How did it turn out?

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