Plans for July

Good lord, where did June go?  Seriously?  It seemed to fly by!!  I just spent last night looking through all my photos I took in June.  It was a nice way to see everything I had done in the month.  Especially when it feels like it went by so quickly!

So now July is here.  How shall we celebrate?  How about a July 30 Day Ab Challenge?

You can find all the information here.  The challenge starts today and I am in!  I think they are guaranteeing your abs will look like those in the photo 30 days from now…

Just kidding!  But I figure they can’t look worse than they do now.  Any improvement is a good thing!  I plan on taking a before and after photo.  Not sure if I will share them online.

As for the rest of July?  My girls fly to the Midwest this week to spend a few weeks with their dad and my family.  I plan on joining them for the last few days there.  While they are gone, I will keep busy with:

  • I have a few Spring Break projects to finish up.  Better late than never, right?
  • I will be running more!
  • Hanging out with friends.  I already have three outings planned!
  • Hiking as much as possible.  This depends on talking my friends into going.  I don’t like to hike alone.
  • Launching a new (part-time) business.  I’ve put the word out and already have a couple of clients wanting services.  I need to get all the details ironed out on my end!

I have a feeling July may fly by just as fast as June did!

What are your plans for July?

Anyone want to join me in the July 30 Day Ab Challenge?


3 thoughts on “Plans for July

  1. Amy

    I’m doing the ab challenge too! Definitely not the easiest thing I’ve ever done. And after looking at my before photo, I’m going to agree with your hesitation to subject people to that! I’m hoping for a pretty amazing transformation!


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