Random Photog

I noticed that I have several photos I haven’t shared with you the past couple of weeks.  Here they are in no particular order!

Another tree for the win!

And a tree taking over the sidewalk.

Sassy went to Shadow Puppet Camp last week.  She got to bring home her props.  So of course, there has been a show every night since!  Yes, those are my feet propping up the front of the box.  Don’t judge.

We went for a walk, run, ride last night and happened upon bear scat on the trail.

Outdoor meeting.  My favorite kind!

Did someone call for a taxi?

I would explain if I could.  For whatever reason this is actually not that uncommon here.  People like to “decorate” their trees.

The house at the end of this bridge was hosting a rock band practice.  They were pretty good!

This little guy kept pace with us for a couple blocks.

No paparazzi, please!

Are you a photo collector?  I take photos and if I don’t do something with them immediately, I tend to forget about them.  Not a good habit!


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