Ball Pit

Actually balls and pits would be more accurate.  But it just sounds so…  ick.  And it is really, but that’s what my post is today.  Balls and pits.  I lead a sad, sad life.

So let’s get the ball rolling, no pun intended.  My 9 month old kitten, Leo, had THE surgery yesterday.

(not my kitty)

Yes, that one.  My cats are  indoor cats.  The other two are older and already neutered.  It was my baby’s turn.  He was not so happy about getting in the pet carrier.  Jasper, on the other hand, won’t stay out of it!  Crazy cats.  My current carrier has just one door in the front of it.  I’m thinking for the future, I may need to get something with a top door, too.  Like this one maybe.

I had to drop Leo off before 10:00 AM and then was able to pick him up after 3:00 PM.  He was still under the effects of anesthesia.  Poor baby couldn’t walk and could barely stand.  He’s feeling much better today, even though he kept me up most of the night.  He usually sleeps in my older daughters room but I wanted him with me just so I could keep an eye on him.  He thought it would be fun to “talk” all night.  Pretty sure I will be asleep by 9:00 PM tonight.

Now we can move on to the pits part of this post.  Aren’t you excited?!

OMG Becky called me yesterday to ask me to pick up deodorant for her.  I was multi-tasking at the time of her call so I told her to text me what type she wanted.  She sent me this…

Secret pit balanced?  Um, what?  So I looked and found this…

Yep, she’s right!  I guess the “PH” could be read as “Pit”!  Too funny!  Maybe that’s the secret behind Secret!  It’s pit balanced!

What do you use to balance your pits?  I use Mitchum Smart Solid.


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